10 BIGGEST Men’s Grooming DON’Ts!

July 12, 2021
The term ‘well groomed’ is open to interpretation — but the things I’m going over today aren’t. I’m going over the biggest do NOTs, so you won’t be freakin’ nasty & a savage! You are way too sexy to do any of these things.

Stop! Don’t do it!

  1. Stop using natural products — natural deodorants don’t work, and you’ll stink! And natural skincare products don’t work in regard to anti-aging. I’m not saying they should be full of toxic chemicals, but natural skincare claims are hype. Anyone can stamp a little leaf on the packaging if ANY one ingredient came from the Earth. Buy and use what works instead.
  2. Don’t have bad eyebrows — you should have TWO eyebrows, but don’t ever shave them because they will all grow back at once giving you a five o’clock eyebrow shadow. Instead, pluck your brows. Never mess with the hairs above your brows as well. You can clean-up underneath though.
  3. Don’t ever shave your sideburns up too high — unless you’re going with a bald fade, leave the sideburns action. Aim for the ear knob and angle them slightly, so they follow the natural contour of your jaw.
  4. Don’t wait to stop your hair loss — when you start to notice, do something about it. Don’t cover it up, hide it, or comb it over. Check out Bosley as you have nothing to lose but more hair.
  5. Don’t ever have a monster man-bush — it’s unsightly and a stink trap! Don’t have fuzzy nuts too. Take care of business by taking the bulk down. The lower you go, the bigger it looks.
  6. Stop having poor oral hygiene — brush +floss + use mouthwash twice a day. Plus, go to the dentist every 6-months. Use Vaseline before going to bed to prevent chapped lips.
  7. Don’t have nasty nails — no one wants to see nasty hands and toes. Invest in a manicure kit to keep your nails looking sexy and smooth.
  8. Don’t ever stink! — make sure you take care of your oral hygiene, wear deodorant, and groom your man-bush. But also don’t use body spray. Further, don’t use too much cologne even if it smells incredibly sexy.
  9. Don’t use too much hair product — less is more. If you have to use a lot of product, you don’t have what’s optimal for your hair.
  10. Don’t rock facial hair if you’re not meant to rock facial hair yet — if you’re patchy, trim it short. And no teen mustaches.

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