10 BIGGEST Relationship Mistakes MOST Men Make!

August 13, 2021
The super sassy sirens from Salon Posta are here to drop some relationship knowledge on you. Today they’re helping us answer, “What are the biggest relationship mistakes men make?” If you’re ready to NOT screw-up a potential good thing, check out these important tips. 

Do NOT screw-up a good thing by doing these … 

  1. Talking with or seeing your ex — I know you want to let your ex know that you’re ‘good’. But if you want your new relationship to work out, knock it off and stop talking to your ex. Also, don’t ever compare your new or current relationship to your ex.
  2. Having a lack of trust — without trust, there is no relationship. If you’re stalking her or looking through her phone, there’s a problem. If the trust was broken, the relationship needs to end because that’s no way to live. You need mutual truth. 
  3. Refusing to commit — the grass is not spicier on the other side of the fence. What you have is amazing, but you may not be ready to commit because you think something better may come along. REMEMBER — if you wait, she may dump your ass. 
  4. Not working at the relationship after getting comfortable — you shouldn’t be complacent. In order to keep her attention, do all the things that you did at the beginning to first get her attention. Put time and energy into the relationship. 
  5. Not being able to get it up — also, when the mission is done too fast or when you finish the mission before her. Get Roman to talk to a professional (online) to help you to participate in any way you want to. Roman ready equals control and confidence — you can rise to the occasion. 
  6. Not giving words of affirmation or compliments — little things always matter. Give compliments like you did when you first met her. Keep it going! Complimenting her is FREE! 
  7. Not putting her first and having a lack of consideration before taking action — she wants to feel like she matters. Don’t kiss her ass but consider how she’d feel with what you say or do.
  8. Not talking things through — but you also sometimes need to walk away. It depends on your relationship and how you communicate. 
  9. Not helping around the house — this one of the biggest relationship strainers. Often, she’s expected to do the bulk of housework, but you do need to help around the house. 
  10. Cheating (or emotionally cheating) — this is a BIG issue. There are ZERO reasons for cheating. If you want to cheat, get out of the relationship. Also, emotional cheating is not appropriate and is just as bad as full-on cheating. Shut down flirtatious conversations even if it feels good to feel attractive. 


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