10 BRUTALLY HONEST Reasons Your Beard Looks BAD!

August 4, 2021
The unfortunate reality is that the majority of us weren’t born with Greek god-like bone structure or movie-star good looks. The good news is we can grow a beard to transform us from average 4 to 8.5 in terms of sexiness. But, a weird beard can actually have the reverse effect and make you less attractive than you actually are.  Here are the biggest reasons your beard looks bad:

Turn that WEIRD beard into a SEXY beard! 

  1. D-bag beard — any beard that is over detailed can look douchey. Instead of making everything super thin, allow your facial hair to follow its natural growth pattern. 
  2. Unibomber beard — this beard is bushy, nasty, and nuts. The bigger the beard, the sketchier you look. It’s critical to edge it and keep it tidy, neat, and clean. 
  3. Dying it super dark — sure, cover your gray, but don’t dye it jet black. Instead, just minimize the gray. 
  4. Using a crappy beard grooming tool — don’t use a sub-par tool. I always go back to the Brio Beardscape. It’s the best on the market, and I recently upgraded to the Beardscape Pro. 
  5. Chin flakes — use beard oil and use it correctly. It’s about the hair AND what’s underneath, so work that beard oil down. You can use your facial moisturizer in place of beard oil if you don’t like the smell of beard oil. 
  6. Where you trim under your neck — don’t trim it too high, making your jaw look weak. Watch my demonstration on how to shave your under neck area. 
  7. Too young — as you age, your facial hair will grow. Wait and give your testosterone more time to help your patchy areas. Minoxidil can stimulate hair growth although there haven’t been too many studies. 
  8. Only rocking part of the beard — goatees are ‘weird’ and not as stylish as a regular beard. But they are okay if you have patchy cheek hair growth, but make sure you have boundaries and structure. 
  9. Long, patchy, and nasty — you need to trim it short. Also brush and train your hair to cover patchy areas. Brushing will also stimulate growth. 
  10. Haven’t tried to fully grow one — try for 30-days to grow one. As you let it grow over 30-days, you’ll know what your beard is capable of. Own it because beards are badass. 

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