10 Morning Habits That RUIN Your Day!

July 15, 2021
I just ruined my day! Why you might ask? A bad habit. Bad habits can destroy your day before you even have a chance to start your day. Here are some of these and what you should do instead.

Mistakes that death-punch your day

  1. Hitting snooze — if you want to get enough sleep, reverse engineer. Think about all the things you want to do in the morning. Calculate the time you’re going to get up; then, decide what time to go to bed.
  2. No day plan — plan your day the night before rather than in the morning. You can get into your day right away.
  3. Not planning what you’re going to eat — you should plan and prepare your meals the night before.
  4. Not exercising the first thing in the morning — you may want to exercise later in the day, but I like to break a sweat in the morning and take advantage of the benefits. Our days get crazy, and even with good intentions, we lose the ability to workout. You will get mental clarity from working out in the morning — develop this new habit.
  5. Not showering in the morning — you roll around in dirty sheets all night and need to shower in the morning.
  6. Not taking care of your face —  you need to wash your face and also moisturize. I use an anti-aging serum and an eye cream (twice a day), and then I use a moisturizer with SPF. All of my face products come from Tiege Hanley.
  7. Not loving what you’re wearing — if you feel you look good, you will be more confident and your day will be better. Pick the outfit the night before.
  8. Not making your bed — it’s the first win of the day when you make your bed. You’re setting yourself up for success, and it’s a subconscious way of giving yourself a knuckle bump.
  9. Not drinking enough water — when you’re sleeping, you wake dehydrated. When you first wake up, drink an 8-10 ounce glass of water before you consume anything else. Drink a gallon a day to look and feel better.
  10. Looking at work emails — everyone looks at social media in the morning. Surfing for a few minutes is okay, but don’t look at work emails. When you first wake up, you’re not sharp and you may say something you shouldn’t. You also don’t want to put a damper on your day when you first wake up.

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