10 Things You Should NEVER Do For a Woman!

July 21, 2021
Yesterday was my wife’s and my 18th anniversary — which has gotten me thinking about relationships and why they work (or why they don’t). This relationship has worked because I haven’t had to compromise on things I shouldn’t. Past relationships did, which affected my self-esteem, self worth, and pride. Here’s what you should never compromise in a relationship.

Do NOT stop any of these for her!

  1. Feeling good about yourself — she should love you but also keep you in check. She should never beat you down emotionally, but instead, cherish you and build you up.
  2. Having friends — you should never have to choose between your relationship and friends. You are allowed to have friends.
  3. Enjoying family — if she makes you choose between her and friends, she may also make you choose between your family and her. Don’t allow your relationship to control you.
  4. Going after your dreams — never compromise your goals, but don’t confuse goals/dreams with responsibilities. You have to have priorities, and your partner should cheer you on.
  5. Taking care of yourself — your health is your #1 asset which should never be compromised. You should exercise EVERY DAY, and you should eat a proper diet. It’s critical you need to eat a healthy diet and fill in your nutritional gaps. I use a drink made with Athletic Greens for gut health, recovery, and immune support.
  6. Practicing your religious or spiritual beliefs — it’s a big deal, and you shouldn’t adjust your thinking in order to make her happy. If she changes your mind, that’s another story. But don’t allow her to dictate your beliefs.
  7. Preserving your moral compass — when you know something is wrong, it’s wrong. And if she doesn’t act in accordance with your belief system or integrity, don’t compromise your morals. Don’t give her a pass.
  8. Possessing kindness (humanity & willingness to help others) — if you’re compassionate and she’s not, she’ll bring you down.
  9. Maintaining your self-respect — don’t lose sight that you’re amazing, so don’t do things that deteriorate the way you respect yourself.
  10. Sustaining your happiness — don’t appease or appeal to someone else by sacrificing your happiness.

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