11 SIMPLE Ways to BOOST Your Looks!

January 27, 2022
Over the years, I have dropped literally 6,227 tips about how to look better. And now I have 11 more — which these will instantly boost your looks simply, quickly, and effectively.

Elevate your appearance instantaneously!

  1. Better sideburns – don’t cut them off straight above your ear. Instead, drop them down to about the middle of your ear and angle them slightly. A visual illusion will be created, strengthening your jaw.
  2. Stronger looking jaw – (a) grow a beard, if you can, which also adds visual interest and strength to your face; (b) define your boundaries by drawing an imaginary line from the top of your ear to the corner of your mouth. Then, shave off everything below and leave everything above.
  3. Gallon of water daily – it will make you feel better physically and make you look better overnight since you won’t retain as much fluid. Add lemon to make it a natural diuretic.
  4. Whiter teeth – whiten your teeth at home at an affordable price. I prefer whitening strips, which are easy and you can buy them practically anywhere.
  5. Better skin – stick to a skincare routine. Tiege Hanley’s is uncomplicated and contains just the products you need to make a dramatic impact on how you look and feel. https://tiege.com/boost
  6. Better eyes – take care of bloodshot eyes with Visine (don’t make it a habit) and use eye cream (like Tiege Hanley’s) to reduce puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles.
  7. Better nails – get yourself a quality manicure kit (it’s a must-have for every well-groomed guy).
  8. Less hair product – if you’re using the right product, you don’t need as much. By cutting back the amount of product, your hair will look more natural and healthier. Also, use a sea salt pre-styler to add texture and life to your hair.
  9. Pubes trimmed – trim your pubes, shave your balls, and take the bush down to make Big Al look mas grande.
  10. No white shirts – ditch the white shirt which can make you look paler and your teeth not as white.
  11. Better brows – don’t look like a savage, but also, don’t look like a chick by over-plucking. At a minimum, pluck the hair in the center (don’t shave!).
  12. BONUS! Sexier arms – make sure your sleeves aren’t coming down too far and covering your arms. Elevate your sleeves by cuffing them once or twice for tricep exposure. Also, make sure you’re exposing a little forearm and wearing a watch to look more muscular. Shaving or trimming arm hair will make your arm look more muscular too. L-Arginine will also help to make your arms appear more vascular.

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I have always been into hair and hair products, which is why I was so excited to start Pete & Pedro. When I was a younger guy, I didn’t realize the importance of using a pre-styler to take your hair to the next level. I thought, “Hey, I have a great product, and I’m good.” Well, often I was disappointed with how my hair looked and how the product performed. After years of research and testing, I have realized that pre-stylers are game-changing hair products.  Four of my favorite hair pre-styling products are Sea SALT Spray for volume & texture, Thick texturing cream for thickness & texture, Treat argan oil for shine & strength, and Protect heat protection to lock in moisture.  To take your hair-game to the next level, start experimenting with Pete & Pedro’s super sexy pre-stylers.

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