How to Turn Insecurity Into Confidence! {30-Day Plan}

October 4, 2021
I am going to help you turn your insecurities into confidence with my 30-day plan. The first part covers the most common insecurities; the second part is an actionable plan to complete over the next 30-days. Keep in mind that this new found appreciation and respect for yourself won’t eliminate all insecurities.

The point of this plan is to get your insecurities in check by putting them in perspective. Understand, also, that you are the only one that worries about them — nobody else sees your insecurities because they’re invisible. What everyone CAN SEE is how incredible you are. So, stop acting like you’re not — and instead, own it!

Common insecurities + plans

Height — upgrade your wardrobe and feel more confident.

  • Dark colors make you look taller.
  • Wear clothes that fit.
  • Shoes shouldn’t be big & bulky (you’ll appear shorter).
  • You need a clean line to your toes. Bedroom — insecurities in the bedroom range from Big Al’s size or being too quick. Stop watching porn! The less you consume, the more confidence you’ll feel. There’s no rush or race in the bedroom; do what you need to do to make sure she’s satisfied before you. Take care of her, and if you don’t know how, ask. Your confidence will be boosted.


Hair — hair loss is one of the biggest confidence killers.

  • Stop dealing with hair loss and do something about it.
  • Take the Bosley hair loss quiz.


Money — feel more secure with a budget, cutting expenses, and saving.

  • Start today by making a budget and stick to it.
  • Cut your monthly expenses whether meals, car, or housing.
  • You need to be able to save as well.
  • If you need a side-hustle because you can’t pay your bills and save, there’s nothing wrong with that.


Face —

  • Start doing two things: wash your face 2xs a day followed by moisturizing.
  • If you are clean shaven, add a beard to feel sexier and more confident. For 30-days, let it grow then analyze it.


Body — whether you have man boobs, love handles, flat ass, or chicken arms, start exercising to immediately start feeling better.

  • Take an active role in your physical fitness. Do 30-minutes of cardio and then lift weights (challenge your muscles).
  • Also make one better food decision a day — eat a healthier food choice, replace sugar drinks with water, and more. This will make a dramatic difference in how you feel about yourself.


Tricks to feel better about yourself

What do you do better than other people?  — why are you amazing?

  • Own your awesomeness by writing each of them down. Over the next 30-days, add a new reason why you are amazing every day.
  • At the end of 30-days, you’ll know exactly why you’re awesome.


Do something nice for someone each and every day —

  • Daily do a nice and kind act for someone.
  • Even if they don’t say ‘thank you,’ you’ll feel better about yourself.
  • These acts of kindness will give you a new outlook and new found appreciation & respect for yourself.


Take action now, and take the quiz! Click the link to get your free Info-Kit + $250* off Bosley Gift Card. Find out how Bosley can help you achieve your hair restoration goals. *Candidacy for hair restoration can only be determined by a Bosley physician upon examination, diagnosis, and prescription of a treatment plan.  Get Bosley 

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