6 Psychological TRICKS to Be Charming! {Without Trying}

June 30, 2021
If you are charming, people will find it impossible not to like you. You’ll just be more likable, and you will experience more personal and professional opportunities.  Want to know what makes someone more charming?  Here are some exclusive techniques to implement immediately! 

Exclusive Techniques to Become Charming

  1. Own your flaws — you will be more likable and engaging because you’re not putting on an act. You will be perceived as ‘real’ which allows others to put their guard down. 
  2. The Compliment Icebreaker — when you meet people, give them a compliment. Drop compliments rather than, “It’s hot outside.” Use this icebreaker anywhere & with anyone. 
  3. Take your phone and put it away — when you’re holding your phone, you’re giving the impression that you don’t want anyone around you, and you’re not looking like you’re ready to communicate. If you want to be more inviting, put the phone away. 
  4. Know a lot of sh*t — you’ll be more interesting. Expand your knowledge base. 
  5. Give yourself permission to be curious — little kids are always asking ‘why’, which you should give yourself the permission to be curious too. Ask more questions which shows interest in other people. 
  6. Remember people’s names — I used to be bad at names, but I learned how to remember names. When you remember people’s name, they feel important and like they made an impact on you. I use association between the name they have and someone with the same name that I know. 
  7. Smile at strangers — just give them a little smile with a head nod to be perceived as more friendly. You’ll also experience more communication with people. 
  8. Make eye contact — this is so important! The tip is to look  for a 1-2-3 count and then look away. Also, aim for the eye brows. Not making eye contact makes you look shift and shady.


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