7 Signs You’re NOT READY for a Relationship!

September 16, 2021
We talk a lot about dating, girls, and how to get girls to chase you; however, I realized the other day that some of you aren’t ready for a relationship. Even if you met the spiciest senorita that is absolutely perfect for you, you’re going to eff it up. It’s not because you are not in a good enough place personally. It’s for these reasons here.

Men who are not equipped to commit

  1. Being a cheater — if you are a cheater, something is fundamentally wrong with you (not them!). So, if you want to go out and sleep with a bunch of women, do it… but don’t do it if you’re dating somebody. This goes both ways.
  2. Jumping in too quickly after a relationship ended — momentarily you may feel a little bit better because you’re not lonely anymore. You need to be 100% over your ex before you’ll be good for somebody else.
  3. Being self-destructive — these behaviors include sleeping around, not protecting yourself, not taking care of yourself physically, not working out, drinking or doing drugs. You are not ready for someone else if you don’t have a handle on yourself and if you’re not in a good place emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
  4. Being a financial disaster — most couples fight over money the most, so you need a financial plan. You need to live below your means, have a budget, and invest extra money. Start doing these as soon as possible.
  5. Being a self-absorbed narcissist — if you’re super into yourself, it’s literally impossible to have a relationship as a super toxic and dangerous place will be created. You should have a high self-esteem, have confidence, and love yourself. BUT if you act or think the world revolves around you, relationships will be very challenging because relationships take compromise. Narcissists never admit they’re wrong, and they’re super overly into their looks (to the point of being vain and obsessive).
  6. Not being a happy person — you have to love yourself before getting into a relationship. If you’re carrying baggage, hurt, or pain from your past, you won’t find happiness until you deal with it and fix yourself. Reciprocally, you can’t fix somebody else.
  7. Not wanting a relationship — if you don’t want to be in a relationship, there is nothing wrong with that. Play the field, invest in yourself, fly solo for a while, focus on your career or passions, and be selfish if you want. A lot of times, men fall into the idea and pressure that they HAVE to be in a relationship. Parents and friends ask why you’re still single — well, it’s none of their business.


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