7 Things {STRONG} Men DO That {WEAK} Men DON’T!

August 25, 2021
When have men gotten so soft? Everyone is so upset, freaking-out, cancelling people, and being pathetic. If you want to kick ass in life, you need to be mentally strong to endure the tough things tossed at you. Mentally strong men do these things; whereas, weak men don’t.

What separates the mentally STRONG from the mentally WEAK

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff (and people) — they don’t worry about the small stuff because it doesn’t affect them. They also don’t sweat the weak people.
  2. Problem solvers — obstacles are a part of life, so they figure-out a better way, or they ask for help.
  3. Ask for help when needed — if they don’t have the skills or tools they need, they ask for help.
  4. Don’t allow their past to dictate their future — they don’t allow their past to affect the trajectory of their life. Therapy may be needed in order to deal with issues that are holding you back from being happy.
  5. Forgive themselves — they give themselves permission to not be perfect. The future is the focus and not beating-up themselves for dumb things that happened in the past. Let it go to be free mentally and to use all of your big brain power.
  6. Control tempers and emotions — they don’t need to get pissed off. They think things through in order to make better decisions. Emotions don’t control their actions, which is like a super power.
  7. Emotionally intelligent and empathetic — they share people’s emotions and are able to relate to others at varied times & situations; therefore, the mentally strong can navigate situations better.
  8. BONUS! Not a procrastinator — they don’t kill time by procrastinating. They do it now and don’t wait — they focus on things that matter (job, career, spicy senorita, getting a therapist).

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