8 Habits That Make Men Mentally WEAK!

June 14, 2021
The truth? If you are mentally weak, you won’t be successful. This topic is one of the most critical — mental toughness. Mental toughness gives you the tools to make life happen — even though life will still be tough. If you are weak, you won’t be able to truly accomplish your goals.

Characteristics of weak-minded men

  1. Possessing self-destructive behaviors — whatever the behavior, they know they shouldn’t be doing it and feel better afterward.
  2. Having the inability to commit to a goal — as they start to go forward, their mental strength deteriorates, and ultimately, working toward the goal ends. Mentally tough have an internal strength to keep moving toward the goal.
  3. Looking for validation through other people — the mentally strong have an internal belief in themselves and know they bring value to the world. If someone relies on others to validate them, they won’t truly feel good about themselves. Validation has to be within and not from an external force.
  4. Being impulsive with spending and not having a future financial plan — these men buy without having the money or without having a plan. The mentally tough know about delayed gratification and investing. Start investing today with $500 — use my link to get $5k managed for free¬†https://invest.wealthfront.com/alpha
  5. Doing what is easy rather than doing what is right — weak-minded give in to peer pressure and go with the flow even if they know it’s not right.
  6. Never taking ownership of mistakes — weak-minded blame other people and try to hide from the things they did. The mentally tough apologize.
  7. Suppressing emotions and not dealing with issues — society is not overwhelmingly accepting of men expressing feelings and vulnerability. Further, everyone should deal with their baggage from the past to move forward. Being honest with emotions is a superpower where people will feel closer and more comfortable with you. You will also feel healthier and happier.
  8. Not standing up for yourself — you need to speak your mind and stand up for yourself rather than being scared. Find your voice and the ability to say ‘no.’

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