8 Habits That Make Men POWERFUL!

July 16, 2021
A few weeks ago, I published a video about what makes men mentally weak. Now, I want to talk about habits that make men powerful. A powerful man is one who can influence or control people or things. I want you to control yourself and your life! You have no idea how incredibly powerful you are.

How to become {atomic bomb} powerful

  1. Be comfortable in your own skin — when you are comfortable with who you are, everything gets better. You can be true to who you are. You will have deep relationships and more honest conversations (especially with yourself).
  2. Be friendlier with others — be engaging and make high-quality friends. Your net worth is your network. This relates to the people who will be by your side with assistance and advice. If your friends aren’t going anywhere, these relationships are not raising you.
  3. Have the ability to stick with a plan or goal and not get distracted — we are surrounded by distraction. Execute and accomplish a goal, even without getting pats on the back. When you do, you will feel better every time.
  4. Be financially responsible — this goes deep for me. Develop your F.U. money and develop a budget so you can invest. Being in control of your financial destiny — this is freeing.
  5. Be more logical rather than emotional — be rational and think through situations. Overly emotional people often get dismissed.
  6. Stop drinking alcohol — or at least get the drinking under control. Stop for 30-days and see what happens. If you do, you will think more clearly and make better decisions. You will realize that alcohol keeps you down physically, emotionally, and mentally.
  7. Make sure to take care of your body and watch what you eat — I take care of my body, which it’s the #1 thing that changed my life. It’s made me confident and powerful. Don’t neglect your body. Exercise and eating right also callouses the brain, making you mentally stronger.
  8. Seek information — the more knowledge you have, the more well rounded you are. Be armed with information.


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