I Got a New Car & It’s CRAZY!

October 21, 2021
Over the last year and a half, I’ve loved my car (BMW M850i) for it’s look, speed, and power. But the lack of a backseat and the price are definite downsides.  I feel like I bought it for my ego, and it’s cost me too much. I am trading in this car because I have positive equity with my lease. I ended up finding a car that I think is cool — and that I could build it to look badass although it’s not a sports car. Am I going to like it? It’s considered a ‘mom car.’

My new ride

My new car looks pretty good! I give viewers a tour of my new BMW X6 that is all murdered-out and looks sick. It looks better than I thought it would and driving it is a lot of fun. I love having a sunroof again, and I finally have a backseat (I missed that!). What do you think? Do you like it — or not? Post your comment here.


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