7 Things I Wish I NEVER Bought!

August 24, 2021
Do as I say, not as I do in terms of buying. I have wasted a ton of money, and I am a glutton for purchase punishment. I have done some pretty stupid things when purchasing things. When I think about the money I wasted, it’s disturbing. Please push down the urge to buy! Find something that you love and buy one. When it wears out, replace it. Don’t get into the habit of buying sh!t you don’t need.

Don’t buy sh!t you don’t need

  1. My car is one of those things. Check out this video where I first discuss this regret https://alpham.com/10-things-aaron-regrets-buying/ My ego bought the car, and I am embarrassed about it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice car, but I don’t need this car payment. I love my Infinity so much, but I thought I had to step it up.
  2. Leather bomber jackets have always been my thing (not cars), and I bought multiple leather bomber jackets. The takeaway is to resist buying multiple versions of the item.
  3. I got bit by the watch bug, and when I was obsessing about them, I bought several Rolex watches. I wear one (my most recent), and I don’t wear the others. It’s hard to push down the urge to buy after you get that hit of dopamine. It’s a vicious cycle of chasing that feeling. BTW, now is not the time to buy a luxury watch.
  4. This vicious cycle happened with sunglasses for me as well. I bought many pairs, and unfortunately, I have expensive taste in sunglasses. To solve my own problem, I created ENEMY http://www.enemy.com brand sunglasses which are luxury with high-quality materials including Zeiss lenses, handmade Italian Mazzucchelli acetate, and spring hinges for a secure but comfortable fit — all for under $100.
  5. Why do I buy so many boots and ugly shoes? Well, the Chelsea boots I can explain — they are like my uniform with jeans. The ugly-ass sneakers are not explainable.
  6. I bought the same pair of G-Star raw jeans repeatedly — I thought I needed multiple pairs if one wears out. I will literally never wear some of these because they’ll go out of style first. I did the same thing with Diesel. I still think the GAP is the best bang for your denim buck.
  7. Designer high-end fragrances are the biggest racket going — I started Pete & Pedro fragrances to stop spending hundreds on my colognes. REBEL is inspired by Creed Aventus, and the newest fragrance, Villain, is warm & sexy and inspired by Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. Also, check out KING inspired by Creed Green Irish Tweed, and Hero inspired by Acqua di Gio. Want to know which fragrance is best for you? Take the quiz https://peteandpedro.com/pages/which-mens-fragrance-cologne-scent-should-buy-quiz

BONUS! I have wasted an incredible amount of money on my suits — when I first found Suit Supply, I loved the fit. The price was decent, and I bought ten freakin’ suits. I never wear any of them because I ultimately purchased some custom suits.


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