8 Things ALL Women WANT in a Guy!

March 4, 2021
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What EVERY woman looks for in a man

  1. Is her #1 supporter (like a cheerleader) — THIS ONE! You have to have her back and think she’s awesome.
  2. Good character (honesty, integrity, man of your word) — you need to have to have these characteristics as a man AND a partner.
  3. Creates an environment of seduction — has a clean bathroom, bedroom, and bed. Take your bedroom game to the next level by getting lamps, a plant, candles, artwork for the walls, and accent pillows. The most important part of your bed is the mattress. All mattresses are not created equally, which Helix is created for you and how you sleep.
  4. Nice, kind, and likes nature — a lot of guys think they have to look and act a certain way, but simply being a good dude is attractive and sexy.
  5. Ambition, drive, and goals — you don’t have to be super killing it right now, but you have to have a vision of where you’re going and make things happen.
  6. Sense of humor (makes her laugh) and is funny — this is game over; you win!
  7. Loyalty — he speaks highly of her, takes her side, acts like he’s taken when out-and-about, and comes home to her.
  8. MASSIVE heart — every woman wants a man with a big… fat… heart.

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