Alpha M. Abs of Steel Superset

July 30, 2014
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The Alpha M. Diet Plan
Alpha has a special treat- we’re doing abs. Everybody loves abs. You can’t get a six pack in three weeks however, BUT if you stick to a healthy diet, do your cardio, and reduce that body fat, you can have a six pack. It takes a lot of work. The key to having those abs show is developing separations between each abdominal muscle. How? Use resistance to get shredded and separated.

You need a decline bench and a 10 pound weight plate. The more elevated your feet are, the more difficult the exercise.

  1. Plate Bench Crunches– keep weight off of your chest and don’t go all the way down. Alpha demonstrates.  If you feel lower back pain, decrease angle or get rid of weight altogether. Perform twenty (20) reps.
  2. Pulses to Ceiling – straighten arms and go up to the ceiling. Don’t go all the way down. Ten (10) slow then ten (10) fast.
  3. Leg Lifts – with a pulse, go for ten (10).


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