8 Things “Alphas” NEVER Let “Betas” Do {EVER}!

June 13, 2022
Being an alpha in today’s society doesn’t mean that you have to be 250 lb of twisted steel and chiseled sex appeal. But it does mean that you need to be competent and confident, bring value to the world, be a leader, and do what’s right instead of what’s easy. You’re never going to try to act like you’re something you’re not. Unfortunately, if you allow people to do what we’re talking about today, you’re not an alpha.

Don’t give betas the power to…

  1. Get under your skin and/or fight – don’t get to the point of getting flustered or taking action. Betas are itching to get you to react. Once you respond, you lose control of your emotions, and they win. Which also means, don’t allow them to get you into fights. Defending yourself is okay, but don’t get into physical alterations. Instead, use your brain and words and then remove yourself from the situation. If you’re getting into fights, there’s a problem you need to figure out.
  2. Talk behind your back – betas are notorious for talking trash because they’re jealous. You should have never allow it to happen. Confront the person because they will never do it again when they are called out.
  3. Steal from you – this includes girls, money, and identity. Betas will never steal your girl if you make her feel beautiful, never stop romancing her, and never stop giving her attention. Also, identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes. I use Aura because they protect against identity theft and include fraud monitoring, VPN password management, and antivirus software, all in one place.
  4. Cheat on you – cheaters are trying to fix something fundamentally broken with them by seeking outside validation, and cheating makes them feel good for a second. You should never allow anybody to cheat on you as an alpha.
  5. Take advantage of you – being a people-pleaser allows people to take advantage of them. Don’t allow people to walk all over you and don’t be scared if someone’s not liking you.
  6. Talk you out of your hopes and dreams – if somebody is trying to dissuade you from doing something that you love or giving you a negative voice, get their toxic ass out of your life.
  7. Peer pressure you – no matter the situation, don’t allow some beta dude to talk you into something you shouldn’t be doing.
  8. Bully you – do not allow somebody to treat you poorly or push you around. If somebody makes you feel wrong about who you are, you need to get away from them as far as possible. Protect yourself and limit exposure if they’re a family or loved one.

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