10 “FLAWS” That Make Men MORE Attractive!

August 30, 2021
The truth is a lot of us try to ‘fix’ perceived flaws because we’re insecure about them. But today, I say ‘screw it’ because these perceived flaws can make you more attractive! Hopefully, this video will help you because many of what we think are flaws (which can also be our insecurities) can actually end up being super sexy and attractive to spicy senoritas.

Embrace your perceived flaws

  1. Going bald — if you are losing your hair and want to own it, women find bald men sexier than men with hair. Transition your beard into it.
  2. Needing glasses — you will look more intellectual, more of a conversationalist, more engaged, and more reliable. Glasses can elevate your sexiness.
  3. Having a big nose — they are viewed as more masculine and dominant.
  4. Being shy — you seem more aloof and mysterious, being the one who chills.
  5. Looking younger than your age — you will look more attractive as you age. Exercise, eat right, and take care of your skin.
  6. Having scars — chicks dig dudes with scars because these men look ‘dangerous’ and like they’ve ‘done sh!t’.
  7. Having body hair — many women find dudes with body hair sexy; however, shoulder hair is questionable.
  8. Sporting a dad bod — some women don’t want to be with a man prettier than they are.
  9. Exuding body odor — it’s all about pheromones and natural chemistry.
  10. Having rough hands — rugged and calloused hands look ready for action and send the message that they are ready for work.

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