5 Mistakes MOST “Good-Looking” Men Make … and Don’t Even Know It!

December 14, 2022
Just because you’re incredibly good-looking doesn’t mean you’re not screwing the grooming pooch. Today I’ll cover the biggest grooming mistakes that good-looking guys still make and don’t even know.

Don’t screw the grooming pooch!

  1. Fragrance. The mist method is not getting it done. Also, spraying cologne on your wrists is not the best. You want the cologne to project, and a wrist is too far away from other people’s noses. Make sure you apply it on a pulse point near your neck, head, or upper chest. Applying it right after a shower is also not effective because the fragrance will suck into your skin. But you also don’t want to apply fragrance to dry skin because it will absorb. Instead, take a dab of Vaseline and apply it on top of your pulse points and then apply your scent. The Vaseline barrier causes the fragrance to sit on top of your skin and not be absorbed, making it project better, stronger, and sexier. Don’t spend too much on fragrances. Check out Pete and Pedro’s collection of EDP men’s fragrances.
  2. Hair. Don’t use the wrong hair product. Find one that works for your texture and style. You never want crunchy hair or to use too much hair product. Make sure you emulsify it well, working it through your hair. A pro tip is to use a pre-styler such as a sea salt spray. Take the hair styling recommendation quiz to find out what product you should have for your specific hair. As far as beards and facial hair, if it’s too big, bull, and bushy, get it under control. Maintain it by trimming and edging it. Make sure the boundaries are proper, and all the neck fat meat is covered with hair. Check out my demonstration of where to shave and where not to shave. Don’t shave your sideburns straight across or gradually fade if you have a beard and you’re bald.
  3. Grooming game. Don’t neglect the nails on your hands or your feet. Also, make sure you’re cuticles aren’t funky. Make sure you have a nail grooming kit with all the essential tools.
  4. Shower routine. The bar soap is not good enough to clean your body as you need to remove the dead skin cells with an exfoliant like a body puff. You can use the loofah everywhere, including between your balls, thighs, and butt crack, to get clean and keep your pores open. Use a different bar soap or body wash on your body than you use on your face. Your face is more delicate and sensitive, and bar soap will dry out your face. Use a quality wash design for your face, and use your fingers to massage it in.
  5. Shaving. Refrain from shaving the wrong area of your body. Never shave your eyebrows. Instead, use tweezers. Never shave your butt cheeks. I don’t like shaving under my armpits; instead, I use my Brio grooming tool. Speaking of armpits, use a natural deodorant without aluminum. Aluminum will clog your pores and not let you rid your body of toxins. These chemicals can interfere with your body’s testosterone production. Cheap body washes, shampoos, and other products get absorbed into your skin. Make sure you’re using paraffin-free, sulfate-free, and higher-quality products. Be willing to spend a little bit more to have peace of mind that the products aren’t damaging your body.

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