7 Habits That STOP You from Looking and Feeling Your Best!

January 5, 2022
Daily habits can help you feel better, look better, and kick ass in life. But bad habits are counterintuitive — so you need to stop these!

Kick these routines to the curb!

  1. Not preparing your meals — I maintain my low body fat from meal prepping. Check out what I do.
  2. Not getting enough sleep — everything suffers! Get 7-8 hours of sleep per night.
  3. Having a diet that sucks — you need all the micronutrients, which are hard to get via a diet alone. I drink Athletic Greens.
  4. Being around toxic people — take inventory of the people around you. Do any make you feel bad about yourself or do you invest more into the relationship than you do? If so, get them out of your life.
  5. Being a people pleaser — stop kissing ass. Just worry about pleasing yourself and learn to say ‘no.’
  6. Being a filthy animal — develop a grooming routine that you execute on a regular basis.
  7. Never unplugging — leave your phone and computer so you can take time for yourself.

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