How to DOUBLE Your Facial Hair Density in 60 Days {BEARD-MAXING GUIDE}

April 17, 2023
If you’re interested in doubling your facial hair density over the next 60 days, you will love today’s video. I’m presenting a step-by-step plan to maximize the sexiness of your beard.

For the first two weeks

  • Commit. You have to be serious about wanting to develop more facial hair because a mistake many guys make is shaving quickly after two weeks. You must go through the awkward phase to see how much better and thicker your beard actually becomes.
  • Lift heavy. Lifting weights will facilitate your body’s release of free testosterone. The more testosterone you have, the faster and fuller your beard will become.
  • Feed your beard. You need micronutrients to grow a more robust beard. This includes biotin and a whole-food natural multivitamin. Also, ensure you increase the amount of protein you consume and consume the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon.
  • Monoxidil. Using a product like Rogaine with the active ingredient minoxidil will speed up facial hair growth.
  • Trimmer. If you’re growing your beard, you’re going to need to trim it. The Brio Beardscape 2.0 is the best facial grooming tool on the market.
  • Brush. A boar bristle brush must be used twice daily to stimulate blood flow, bringing oxygen to nourish the hair and make it grow faster. You can also train the hair to grow in a specific direction.
  • Oil. Argan oil is preferable over beard oil because it is high in vitamin A, which will benefit growth. You just need two tiny drops to massage down into your skin.

For the next two weeks

You will let your hair grow for two weeks, continuing to do the above steps. Let your beard do whatever it’s going to do. 

At the four-week mark

Now it’s time to analyze your facial hair and be honest with yourself. You can start trimming it, strengthening your jaw by trimming it higher on the sides and allowing the chin to be a bit longer. Check out my demonstration.

The thirty-day mark

You’ll have a significantly better beard which will be thicker and fuller. Continue doing the steps for the next 30 days because that’s when things will really kick into gear. The biotin and nutrients will have time to work, the brushing will facilitate growth, and hydrating will encourage even more growth.

The sixty-day mark

At this point, you could color your beard but not super dark. By coloring, you’ll see exactly what is happening with your facial hair, and your beard will look a lot thicker colored.

Featured video

My hair grows about an inch and a half monthly, which hasn’t always been the case. I started implementing a few steps over the last few years that have made my hair grow super-fast. (1) Increase the amount of biotin that you’re consuming daily. (2) Increase the omega-3 fatty acids you consume in food or supplements. (3) Ensure you shampoo and condition your hair daily. (4) Use nourishing & hydrating argan oil, like liquid gold for your hair. (5) Always massage your scalp when shampooing to bring blood to the surface. (6) Exercise daily. (7) Upgrade the quality of your hair products to reduce the amount of harmful ingredients.

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