How to REJECT Someone {Without Being a JERK}

June 20, 2021
This Alpha M. Vault Video was originally recorded 5-years ago. The topic is about rejecting someone like a gentleman. We can all agree that rejection sucks to be rejected, and if you are a good dude, it sucks rejecting someone whether a friend, business associate, or romantic. Today, I’m focusing on the romantic kind and hoping that the sting is less if/when you have to do it.

How to Reject Someone Like a Gentleman: Foundation Principles

  1. Don’t lead anyone on – be upfront and honest to make everything easier.
  2. Avoidance is not the same as respectfully rejecting someone – man up! It’s a hard conversation to have, but you’ll be glad you did it.

Gentlemanly Rejection Steps

  1. Lead with a general compliment
  2. Let them know that you appreciate and are flattered by their interest
  3. Take responsibility by saying “I” and don’t beat around the bush – craft & create a reasonable response to have this step go over better (aka: create a stock response to be used later). I give examples.
  4. Show appreciation and wish them well – add in a bit of reassurance

* With a drunken hook-up, don’t be a repeat offender and go back for 2nds!

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