How to Talk to Girls… and NEVER Run Out of Things to Say!

July 25, 2022
Today I’m presenting a conversation flow tutorial by going over ways for you to never run out of things to say when you’re talking to that spicy senorita. Please note that these tips will work in ANY situation with ANYBODY, not just with women. A lot of times, as dudes, we freeze up, The light goes off in our brain, and we can’t think of anything to talk about even though we’re super interesting.

The inspiration for today’s video is from an audiobook, Models –Attract Women Through Honesty by Mark Manson (the same author who wrote The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck). I recently finished listening to it, and one of the chapters talks about three components of keeping a good conversation with women interesting and engaging. This got me thinking more about how to keep the conversation flowing to create a connection. These tricks and techniques are not pick-up attraction nonsense, but rather about acting and saying things that are really you.

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Tricks and Techniques

The Ford Technique – FORD is an acronym for family, occupation, recreation, and dreams. You can build a deeper connection and rapport by asking questions in these categories. You can talk with anyone about these things, and it will allow you to be a social ninja.

Open-ended questions – these types of questions allow the person to take the lead where they want it to go. Close-ended questions will not get any additional information going. Instead of asking somebody how their day was, ask them what the best part of their day was. This will force them to communicate more, so you can pull from these conversation threads. Connect with something they’re excited about or passionate about.

Cold reading – the skill is intuitively knowing something about somebody without actually knowing it. It’s about being perceptive and picking up from things you already know. Check out the example I provide.

Conversational starters – I recommend the conversational starter: “What’s your story?” It lets the person talk about themselves, and they can tell you anything they want. It works with everyone you want to connect with, and I used this starter with my wife when I met her.

Connect their information to you – after they’ve told you information about themselves, use this information and connect it to something personal about yourself to share a common bond. It’s about being perceptive, listening to what they’re telling you, and asking the right open-ended questions to get them to divulge something.

Practice! – the more you practice, the better off you will get. Practice with people that you run into throughout your day. You don’t necessarily need to find them fascinating or want to connect with them later. However, these interactions give you practice so that you will have an incredible conversation when you meet somebody you want to connect with. The more practice you get, the more perceptive you’ll be. You’ll be able to read people in a nonverbal communicating way.

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