If a Girl “LOVES” You … She Would NEVER Do THIS!

January 14, 2022
You’ve all heard the saying that actions speak louder than words. So, just because someone says that they love you doesn’t mean that they do. One of the hardest things that I ever had to deal with was the realization that people that I thought loved me, cared about me, or were my friends actually weren’t. But, if they loved me or cared about me, they would never do the things that they did.

Sometimes, in order to be happy and healthy in life, you need to remove toxic people. Some people, even though they say ‘I love  you‘, actually don’t love you. The truth is actions speak louder than words. That being said, I want to go over a few things that those who love you would never do to you.

If they do this, they don’t love you!

  • Cheat –– I thought she loved me, so when she cheated, I took her back (again and again).
  • Try to control you — if people in your life are trying to move you in a direction that they want, they unfortunately don’t love you the way you deserve.
  • Make you feel guilty — if someone guilt trips you, tries to make you feel bad, or tries to control your thoughts, they may like you but they don’t love you.
  • Enable you to be self-destructive — if someone is an enabler or codependent, they will allow you or encourage you to do bad things. You need people who will tell you the truth and point you in the right direction.
  • Make you choose between your family or friends — if someone is trying to dictate who you can be around or talk to, you need to run because it’s going to set you up for a lifetime of misery.
  • Are envious or jealous of you — these people could also downplay your accomplishments or success. You need people who root you on.

You deserve to be happy!

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