IT’S WAR! | Alpha vs Sigma Reaction

October 5, 2021
So every time I see my face on somebody else’s thumbnail, I get nauseous because I know it’s not going to be good. I typically don’t watch these videos because they’ve never been super positive. It’s always someone making fun of me or saying something horrible about me. So the other day, I got a text message from my friend Josh about a video, and he asked if I had seen it (which I hadn’t). I clicked on the link, and it had 100K views in about an hour. I thought to myself that this is bad. Danny Gonzalez is a YouTuber, and I had never heard of him. But I watched the whole thing.

When I started the Alpha M. channel, it was before the ‘alpha’ craze, and I never intended to be grouped into the ‘manosphere’ or ‘dominant men.’ I started Alpha M. because I had an image consulting business called alpha m. Image Consulting. And back in 2006, I fortuitously chose ‘Alpha M.’ If I could go back today, I would not be calling my channel ‘Alpha M.’ One of the reasons is because I know the name has a cringe-y sort-of look and feel now. That being said, some of my content, titles, and thumbnails get cringe-y; however, the video of mine that Danny mentioned was not. It’s my commentary about the new ‘Sigma male,’ and I am proud of that video. It’s upbeat and uplifting.

This video of Danny’s brings up a point: people can take things you say out of context if they only share a small piece of what you actually said. In the first part of the video, Danny harshly criticizes a guy who is into the whole ‘sigma’ army and nation. I am not into the whole ‘alpha’ thing, beating my chest; I simply want you to feel great about yourself and dominate your own life. From day one, my channel has had that goal. I am genuinely frustrated that Danny only took bits-and-pieces of my video and left off the back half of that video which puts my message into perspective and context.

His narrative was crafted by taking bits and pieces of what I said, so I want to dispute some of the things that he infers that I am saying. What I was NOT saying:

  1. You have to know how to fix a flat tire if you want to get a girl — I actually said every guy should have that skill.
  2. I think everyone wants to be the center of attention — I don’t think this. I was speaking about being proud of your appearance.
  3. I want people to be hyper-focused on their appearance, and viewers will only be fulfilled in life if they follow my fashion advice — nope. That’s not what I was saying. I was making the point that if you want as many opportunities as possible in life, you need to take care of yourself, including your appearance and how you present yourself.
  4. My worldview is crumbling because of this new term ‘sigma males’ — no, actually, I was about to talk about ENEMY sunglasses in that video.
  5. I tried to build my channel around the phrase ‘alpha male’ because I thought this was the only cool type of man — from day one, the goal of my channel has been to make you feel great about yourself and dominate your own life.
  6. If you want to be an alpha male, you have to buy ENEMY sunglasses — whoa, that’s not what I was saying. I explained that ENEMY sunglasses are just a badass accessory, regardless of whether you’re an alpha, beta, sigma, delta, or whatever. If you want to look smooth & sexy (not that sigma does), ENEMY sunglasses are sick.


Now, I want to show the back-end of my video that he twisted into the narrative he was trying to create. It’s the ten things every man needs to possess, in my personal opinion:

  1. Self-esteem — respect yourself
  2. Pride — in everything you
  3. Loyalty — to your word and people
  4. Compassion — the world is bigger than you
  5. Respect — make sure your karma is solid
  6. Motivated — achieve things
  7. Passions — something that gets you excited
  8. Honesty — be an honorable person
  9. Courage — don’t run away from things even if scary
  10. Confidence — it all boils down to confidence


And the way I end this video? I say that I love everything that sigma stands for, and if I had to pick if I was an alpha, beta, or sigma, I would probably consider myself a sigma, except I like to look sexy because there’s nothing wrong with looking sexy. Be the best person & human you can possibly be, and everything else will work out.

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