11 Life Skills All Men Must MASTER by Age 30!

January 19, 2022
When it comes to being a dude, certain skills are nice to have — like being able to change a spark plug, spinning a basketball, or juggling. But, other skills aren’t just ‘cool’ — they are mandatory. Specifically, eleven life skills are mandatory for all men to master. When I go over this list, I want you to rate yourself on a scale from 1 (you suck) to 10 (you are the master). At the end, we’re going to total our scores and talk about what they mean.

Take the Life Skills Test

I give specific descriptions for each of the categories in the video, which will help to rate yourself:

  1. Believe in yourself — my score = 10
  2. Small talk — my score = 10
  3. Resilience —  my score = 8
  4. Satisfy your partner physically, emotionally, mentally, financially — my score = 5
  5. Being comfortable in your own skin — my score = 8
  6. Money management — my score = 7
  7. Being in touch with your emotions — my score = 10
  8. Ability to defend yourself physically and financially — my score = 7
  9. Time management — my score = 10
  10. Standing up for yourself — my score = 8
  11. Have empathy for others —  my score = 7

What Your Score Means

Tally your scores, gentlemen. My total is 89. Take your score and divide it by 110, which I get 81% which is a B-. This test highlights what we can work on to be better as men and dominate life. What is the life skill that all men must master, in your opinion? Post your response here.

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