7 Ways to Make a Woman Think About You NON-STOP!

April 28, 2022
The super sassy hair styling sirens from Salon Posta are back! When I went in to get a fresh haircut, I posed the question, “What’s something a guy can do to make a woman think about him non-stop?”

You’ll always be on her mind when you …

  1. Remember little details — details about her and/or conversations. If you can recall subtle things, she will take note.  Listen well and let her know you’re paying attention to her.
  2. Find a balance — can’t be too nice and sweet. Find a balance between simp and bad boy. Look like a bad decision but be a teddy bear inside.
  3. Surprise her with a gift — tickets to an experience is an incredible way to connect. Flowers are predictable and die. Plan a date or a trip.
  4. Remember her style — when shopping for her, he remembers her style including jewelry and fragrance. Jewelry is the best gift that women love. The best deal in diamonds is JamesAllen.com — I am a client because there’s no better place to buy diamonds. Also, remember her fragrance. You can buy her particular scent or find a recommendation about one comparable.
  5. Include her friend — buy her friend a drink and include her friend in the conversation.
  6. Be a gentleman — be chivalrous such as opening doors, saying please/thank you, open car doors. Be polite.
  7. Don’t be boring — unless you’re hot because then she’ll “have something to look at.”

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