7 Things Guys Do to Look {Sexy} … But They Are NASTY!

October 6, 2022
‘Stud’ is defined as a sexually attractive male. Unfortunately, some of you think you’re a little more studly than you are – that is if you’re doing any of the things I’m talking about in today’s video. Be ready to handle the tough love because you will definitely not like this video if you get offended easily.

You are looking nasty if you …

  1. Taking steroids or TRT. The number of young dudes on performance-enhancing drugs nowadays is insane. You see all these dudes jacked up on social media, chiseled and shredded. These drugs won’t make you look better and will shrink your balls. Instead, ensure your diet is proper, and you work harder in the gym. Get your gains naturally so they will stay with you longer, and you will be healthier.
  2. Driving super loud and obnoxious cars. I’m talking about Dodge Chargers, Kia Spectras, and Honda Civics that have been modified to sound obnoxious.
  3. Driving like a douche. How you drive that car is another way to look like a colossal douche, whether you’re speeding, shifting quickly, tailgating, driving a crotch rocket, or doing wheelies. You don’t look like a stud; you look like an organ donor because you’ll die if you keep doing these things.
  4. Wearing too much fragrance. Every one of you should wear an incredible fragrance that makes you smell amazing and sexy. But wearing too much will repel people as badly as somebody with body odor or bad breath. Smell is one of the most powerful nonverbal communicating tools, and you have 100% control over it. Check out Scentbird to smell fantastic and to try new fragrances without wasting much cash on a big bottle. Use code ALPHA55 to get 55% off your first month with Scentbird.  This month, I received Luna Rossa by Prada , Burberry Brit for Men by Burberry, Dylan Blue Pour Homme by Versace, Sexual Noir Pour Homme by Michel Germain, and The One for Men by Dolce&Gabbana.
  5. Wearing sunglasses inside. You should have shades off your face by your third step indoors. Don’t put them on your head because your hair product will get all over the lenses. If you don’t have a case, slide them onto your collar.
  6. Getting freaky action with a bunch of senoritas. Your chances of contracting an STD and potentially having a child with somebody are both super high when sleeping around. Both of these things are not ideal in any sort of way. And if you do have unprotected sex, be willing to step up and handle the responsibility of taking care of that child. Nothing makes a dude look like a bigger loser and a piece of crap than when he doesn’t take care of his responsibilities. Wrap that rascal every single time!
  7. Wearing skin-tight clothing or dressing younger. It doesn’t matter if you have a nice body; you don’t look studly with super tight clothing. It looks like you’re trying too hard. And if you’re older, trying to dress younger looks dumb.

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