10 Things ALL Men Should UPGRADE by Age 30!

August 19, 2021
Certain things, I personally, don’t feel that you should spend a lot of money on, such as white tee-shirts. Ten dollars is what I will spend and nothing more. The reason is pretty simple. I’ve purchased super premium, expensive, and high quality tee-shirts, and they still get pit stains, stretched out, and thrown out after six months. But on the flip side, there are other items that I have upgraded, which I feel are worth the money. With that, I am going over items that every guy should upgrade whenever you can. With maturity comes the wisdom to upgrade!

Advance your look wisely

  1. Watch — when you upgrade or elevate your watch, it’s magical. Every time you look down at your wrist, you get a boost of confidence. The upgraded watch could also be used as a marker or reward for achieving a goal, like I did with my Rolex Milgauss. I made a deal with myself that if I got on Shark Tank, I’d buy myself the watch. Also, you will be taken more seriously and respected when wearing an elevated watch.
  2. Friends and girlfriend — if they aren’t up to your speed or going where you are, it’s time to elevate and upgrade. Losers will hold you back from reaching your potential.
  3. Suit — you don’t need 20 of them, but you do need one that is incredibly tailored and fitted so that every time you slip-on that bad boy on, you will feel incredible, confident, and like a sex machine. A suit like this separates boys from men.
  4. Backpack — it’s a functional necessity, but it should be big and bulky, making you look immature. Find a backpack that blends style with functionality and quality like the brand Ezri. These bags are AMAZING! Use code ALPHA770 for 25% off {while supplies last}
  5. Diet — make smarter choices like drinking water rather than sugary crap. You will look and feel better, and your health will improve.
  6. Wallet —  if your wallet is currently jam-packed with all sorts of receipts and is fat & nasty, it’s time to upgrade. It’s an easy and affordable way to elevate your aesthetic and maturity level.
  7. Job — if you have been thinking about making a change in your job or career for a long time, think about where you would be if you had done something back them. Update your resume, start looking, and make a plan of action to get out of that dead-end job. Do something that you enjoy and are passionate about.
  8. Shoes — whether the shoes are casual or boots or dress, people notice them. If you are wearing cheap shoes, upgrade.
  9. Hair — not all hair products were created equal. Some have really cheap ingredients (grocery and drug stores) which will make your hair look rough even if you’re young. And over time, using these cheap products will damage your hair.
  10. Car — driving a nicer car is expensive, so if you can afford it do so but don’t overspend. If you can’t upgrade, make sure your current car is clean and smelling good. If that bad boy’s paid off, drive it for a while to save money. That way, when do you go to upgrade, you may be able to pay cash. Keep this in mind as well: a 2-year old used car is going to give you the best value and still will be relatively low on miles.

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