10 Dumb Things You Need to STOP Doing {in 2022}!

December 30, 2021
It’s time, gentlemen! It’s time for you to man up and be better in 2022. This video may come across as a little bit harsh, and it’s not intended to be. My intention is simply to help you be the man you’re destined to be, but you’re never going to until you stop doing these dumb things. To accomplish more and kick more ass, head into 2022 not doing these.

Stop putting yourself in these foolish situations ASAP

  1. Not wrapping the rascal –– getting an STD isn’t good news. Neither is an unplanned pregnancy.
  2. Blaming others for where you are in life — this includes blaming your parents. Change that loser mentality.
  3. Making excuses why you can’t exercise or get to the gym — stop being lazy and make the time.
  4. Not taking care of your skin — use Tiege Hanley for the highest quality skincare at the best price. The routine is uncomplicated!
  5. Smoking weed and drinking alcohol excessively — get it under control and every aspect of your life will get better.
  6. Hanging out with low-value losers — these low-budget people will hold you back from reaching your potential. Excommunicate them from your life.
  7. Letting toxic people into your life — they make you feel bad about yourself and let you down. Establish boundaries or let them go.
  8. Eating like sh!t — ditch the refined carbs and salty processed crap. It’s negatively affecting you not only now but later in life too.
  9. Spending too much time on social media — it’s not reality and not something you should be wasting your time on. Be productive!
  10. Waiting for inspiration to knock on your door — draw from your internal motivation because some external force is not going to make it happen for you.

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