STOP Doing This to Look “Attractive” … It’s UGLY!

September 21, 2022
I’m not mad at anyone for wanting to look attractive and sexy. Of course not! That’s the whole reason for my videos. Unfortunately, some men are going about it the wrong way. Some things that some dudes do, thinking they look extra sexy, come across as the opposite. Sometimes they don’t look crazy attractive but look like a humongous douche!

You look like an ass if you …

  • Use steroids. I can’t imagine young men’s pressure to look a certain way. Growing up, I had pressure but nothing like with social media nowadays. You look at your phone, and there’s another jacked, chiseled stud. Don’t take performance-enhancing drugs or TRT. Just bust your ass in the gym and eat right.
  • Wear wife beaters or cut-off tee shirts. Both will make you look skinny fat even if you’re smaller. The shape of cut-off tee shirts is super boxy, making your shoulders appear more narrow. Tee shirts designed sleeveless don’t have gaping holes down by the man boob and love handle region. Where an appropriate fitting tank top, like the one I demonstrate in this video.
  • Wearing a hat wrong. You look like a punk if it’s backward or sideways. You just don’t look cool. And don’t tuck your ears in or wear a fedora or beanie hat.
  • Showing off your money. If you have some cash, congratulations. But don’t show it off by posting pictures of your new stuff. You’ll look egotistical, arrogant, and 100% less attractive.
  • Acting like you’re something you’re not. Don’t try to look tough and hard when you’re not. Check out the book by Jen Sincero, “You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.” This book will help you stop limiting your beliefs to start believing in yourself and kicking more ass. Click here or text ‘ALPHAM’ to 500 500 to get a free 30-day trial of Audible Premium Plus + one free Audiobook. Check out Audible Plus to download and stream thousands of all-you-can-listen audiobooks, originals, and podcasts.
  • Not thinking before inking. Tattoos can be addicting; one tattoo can turn into a whole sleeve. Think before you ink. And never ever tattoo your face, neck, or hands. If you can’t cover it with a collared shirt, you shouldn’t be getting it.
  • Not smiling. So many dudes try to look super tough in selfies when all they do is come across as looking dumb.
  • Overdoing selfies. It’s unbelievable how many young dudes are at the gym, flexing and taking selfies in all the mirrors. Progress pictures are great but seeking constant validation is a recipe for emotional disaster. All the seeking of attention is not sustainable or reality.
  • Funky facial hair. You must manage big, long, or unruly facial hair. The same goes for super thin or tightly edged beards that can make you look horrible. Also, if you’re carving up underneath your chin, you look like you have a fat double chin.

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