TOP 12 Men’s Body Language DON’Ts | STOP LOOKING STUPID!

April 21, 2022
Your body language lets the world know what you’re all about. If your body language is good, you’ll have more opportunities. On the flip side, you can miss out due to bad body language. Here they are so you don’t look like a weird-o.

Non-verbal Communication No-nos

  1. Cell phone misuse — don’t handle your phone during group conversations or always pulling it out when waiting.
  2. Walking without confidence — don’t walk with short steps (or too quickly) or looking down. Chest up and shoulders back.
  3. Eerie eye contact — don’t avoid eye contact but also don’t stare. Both make you appear weird. Count to three then break your gaze.
  4. Personal space  intruder — invading other people’s space makes people feel weird about you. It doesn’t feel good. Keep an arm’s length when communicating.
  5. Crappy handshakes — handshakes need to be properly firm. Practice so it’s not like a dead weak fish or grabbed & hand-handled. Also, keep your hands out of your mouth. It’s gross. Don’t bite your nails either. Use a manicure kit to have incredible nails (hands and feet alike).
  6. Awkward hugs — asking for hugs is cringy if you do that! If you hug a dude, go in and then count to three before releasing.
  7. Foul odor — don’t stink! Check your breath (halitosis is a deal breaker). Keep your balls dry with a non talc-based powder (Pete & Pedro Powder: Fresh, Fragrance-Free, Frost) daily after your shower. Make sure your fragrance smells amazing and isn’t overpowering. Try Pete & Pedro EDP Colognes: REBEL, HERO, KING, and Villain. Three squirts is all you need.
  8. Fighting — don’t get into fights. If you do, there’s a problem.
  9. Sloppy sitting — don’t hunch. Chest up and shoulders back with a wide man spread. Take up some space.
  10. Closed arms — keep your body language open by not crossing your arms.
  11. No smiles — you need to smile often as it’s the most powerful non-verbal communicating tools. People will want to engage. Keep your teeth white and get your teeth fixed if needed.
  12. Slack style — don’t dress sloppily. Dress with intention and purpose.




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