7 Morning Routine Habits {Good Looking} Guys NEVER Skip!

November 17, 2023
The truth is there are certain morning routine habits that attractive men never skip because they are scientifically proven to make you more attractive and better looking.

Men’s must-dos in the morning

  1. Weigh yourself. Weigh yourself first thing in the morning. This daily habit has helped me stay honest with my body fat and stay lean. One of the biggest mistakes men make is that they’ll never get on the scale, and then when they do, they can’t believe that they have gained 20 lbs.
  2. Drink water. Every morning, I drink a warm glass of lemon water. The lemon water will help get your system moving first thing in the morning as it’s a natural diuretic. It’s also a great boost of vitamin C, and it will hydrate you after being dehydrated through a night’s sleep. Water will help flush your body and keep your skin clear.
  3. Fasted cardio. I’ve been doing fasted cardio for 20 years, and it’s one of the steps that has helped me maintain a low body fat percentage. I maintain my muscle definition because fasted cardio dips into fat stores as the energy source. Thirty minutes of cardio on an empty stomach in the morning is like doing an hour and a half later in the day after consuming calories. You have to work through all of the calories in your body before you dip into the fatty acids, so this is a great way to help your body look amazing. It also wakes you up and invigorates you. Doing exercise first in the morning will also ensure you get it done.
  4. Shower. I don’t start any day without a shower. I want to be clean and sexy and smell amazing. It’s also a perfect time to do manscaping and quit touch-ups. But don’t run out of the house with your hair all crazy. You need it styled so that you start your day fresh. I use a Laifen Swift, which gets my hair dried five times faster than a standard hair dryer. I can literally get my hair done in a minute. It also won’t damage or burn hair. It’s comparable to a Dyson but with better technology and at a fraction of the cost. Grab a Laifen Swift now for $80 off at either Amazon or Laifen
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  5. Skincare. You must take care of your skin daily, starting in the morning. You want to make sure to wash your face twice a day, exfoliate twice a week, apply a morning moisturizer with SPF, and use a nighttime moisturizer. I also use an eye cream because I’m a bit older. Moisturize your entire body as well, and apply fragrance.
  6. Outfit selection. There’s a direct correlation between looking amazing and attractive and thinking through and picking out your clothing for the next day. If you’re tired and running late, you will grab and gravitate toward the same thing. Picking out what you will wear the night before will help you dress well and look better. It’s a huge time-saving hack.
  7. Meal prep. Plan and prepare what you’re going to eat for the next day. This is a secret to staying in great shape. Make sure to meal prep because it will inevitably fall apart if you try to wing a healthy diet. Prior planning prevents poor diet performance.

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