NEVER Let a Girl Do THIS to You… EVER!

August 12, 2021
What are  you doing? And why are you allowing anyone to treat you like that!?!? No one should treat you poorly, no matter how hot and spicy. Sometimes we lose our direction in relationships. Wise up! Never allow ANYONE to do these things to do you.

She shouldn’t be doing these things to you…

  • Cheating on you and then you taking her back — if they are a cheater, they are going to do what they do. But don’t take them back.
  • Letting her snoop through your sh!t — there is no reason that she should have access to your stuff. Besides, neither of you should look through each other’s stuff.
  • Using sex as a reward or weapon — healthy relationships don’t do this. It’s not normal.
  • Asking you to buy things you can’t afford — be up-front & honest if they’re asking you to overspend. You could also ask to split the bill. Don’t impress her with money; and likewise, she shouldn’t be impressed by financial means alone.
  • Dressing you and picking out your clothes — it’s a mistake because women don’t know men’s style.
  • Selecting your signature scent — you will smell like her ex-boyfriend if she picks one out for you.
  • Robbing you of your hopes, dreams, and goals — she may be supportive at first, but over time, reality may set in and may not support you as she should. You can take care of your family AND go after your passion(s) at the same time.
  • Talking you into partying or doing things that are self-destructive — people often grow in different directions. If she wants you to do self-destructive things, you have to take care of yourself.
  • Making you insecure about yourself — as the relationship morphs, she may beat you down if she’s toxic. If so, get rid of her.
  • Alienating you from your friends and family — if she stops you from hanging out with your friends and family, this is horrible. She also may talk sh!t about them, which makes you feel bad. You should never be with someone like this.

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