7 Mistakes {Nice Guys} Make … That Bad Boys DON’T!

November 11, 2021
I am sick and tired of you being viewed as the ‘nice guy’ because you’ll only get life’s sloppy seconds. Bad boys, on the other hand, take life by the balls and make shit happen. Nice guys make the following mistakes that bad boys don’t. If you stop these mistakes, you will have more opportunities in life!

How ‘Nice Guys’ act — and how to stop

  1. Selling out — nice guys do what others want them to do, and as a result, they compromise their morals, values, and integrity. Live on your terms instead! Don’t give a flip if others like you or not.
  2. Settling for what they GET versus what they actually WANT — if there’s something worth striving for, it’s scary because of the thought of failure.  But you can’t wait for things to fall into your lap because you’ll end up settling for less.
  3. Talking too much — if you run your mouth, people will tune you out. Shut your mouth and listen more. Also, communicate non-verbally.
  4. Dressing like sh!t — this means basic, boring, and blah style. You can still look like a bad boy even if you are a nice guy at heart. Cuts is my choice for the bad boy look.
  5. Being boring — if you truly want to be more exciting, do more stuff. Don’t play it safe and do the same thing at the same places all the time. Shake it up and have experiences to be able to tell better stories.
  6. Being too forward too fast — pull back a little bit even if you like them a lot. Slow down and be a little bit mysterious. If you’re eager and too excited, you may look desperate which is a turn off.
  7. Trying to convince someone to like you — don’t try super hard to get someone to like you. Instead, be yourself and have people drawn to you. Be you! Worry about yourself and don’t do things to gain favor (aka being a simp).

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