7 PRIMAL Behaviors That ALL Men Must Embrace!

December 13, 2021
‘Survival of the fittest’ is a term originating from Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. The idea of natural selection includes how the strong willed survive & thrive while the weak will not. Well, the other day, I started thinking about this when I was observing situations with men. We have seemingly evolved into a weaker, less masculine version of what men used to be. I started to really go down the rabbit hole, thinking about what it takes to survive and thrive today. We must embrace some primal behaviors, which are behaviors or instincts that are hardwired into our animalistic brains.

Embody what it means to be a thriving masculine man

  1. Don’t apologize for being a man — there’s nothing wrong with being a man and don’t let anyone tell you differently. It’s a competitive world, and every day it’s even more competitive.
  2. Don’t run away from competition — be willing to put yourself out there and compete in order to win at life. Everyone is competing for the same resources, so you have to work hard by rolling up your sleeves and fighting for what  you want.
  3. Mate (aka spicy senorita acquisition) — it boils down to confidence.
  4. Protect and provide for the people you love (including yourself) — be financially stable. Think of making money and investing as hunting and gathering. Take extra money at the end of the month and invest it. With the new year approaching, take control of your financial future.  Invest in a globally diversified portfolio of low-cost index fund with Wealthfront.
  5. Eat more primally  (aka paleo) — abundant protein, low carbohydrates (no processed crap), and basic foods. You will feel better and look better.
  6. Develop a better network –– together we can accomplish more and protect each other. Your tribe should be like-minded people that are moving in the same direction. These people will uplift you, and together you can accomplish more.
  7. Embrace self-preservation — take care of yourself. Be more diligent about making sure you’re not doing stupid sh!t that could come back to haunt you. Think through your decisions and own your actions. Make sure that you’re responsible for you, those around you, and the people you love.


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