11 Psychological Tricks to Make Girls Go CRAZY for You!

December 9, 2021
The amount of spicy action that I am going to help you get is next level. I am going to turn you into an object of obsession because this video is designed for one single purpose — to make spicy senoritas go absolutely loco over you.

Make spicy senoritas go absolutely loco over YOU

  1. Don’t be a pu$$y — men are evolving to be softer and less masculine. If you want women to chase you, be a man.
  2. Call her ‘cute’ — she’s wants you to think of her a a sex goddess.
  3. Compliment her booty — it’s game over if you tell her it’s amazing.
  4. Dance — learn a few basic dance moves that move to the rhythm. Check out my demonstration.
  5. Smell amazing — REBEL from Pete & Pedro is the hottest stuff out there, and it will get you compliments.
  6. Have a strong kissing game — don’t jam your sloppy tongue down her throat or be aggressive. Take is slow.
  7. Be a rock star in the sack — take your time, manage her situation first before yourself, and don’t have stinky balls.
  8. Have your own life — do things for yourself, don’t always be available, and embrace your inner bad boy.
  9. Be interesting — it’s about doing a lot of cool sh!t. Explore and go places.
  10. Dress like a sex machine — girls go wild over a sharp dresser.
  11. Put her in the friendzone — if she thinks she’s in the friendzone, she’s going to want you because, like most of us, she wants what she can’t have.

Smell amazing!

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Featured video

Unfortunately, the days of putting in minimal effort for those spicy senoritas are over. Nowadays, a little bit more is needed to attract that special someone. Not to worry, however, because Pete & Pedro has you covered. Here are the top men’s grooming habits to have her checking you out for all the right reasons!

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