7 Rules “Bad Boys” BREAK … That You Should Too!

October 6, 2021
I am sure you have all heard the saying that ‘nice guys finish last.’ Why do they finish last? They play it safe and follow the rules. Bad boys dominate because they are willing to break the rules — and so they’re wanted by everyone. Every badass dude in history was a bad boy, no matter what they were trying to dominate (wars, industries, spicy senoritas). Here are the rules that bad boys break that you should too so you can kick-ass in life.

Start breaking rules to achieve personal amazingness.

  1. Be more selfish with your time, energy, and focus — the world will occupy and destroy you if you can’t say no.
  2. Don’t ask for permission; ask for forgiveness instead — don’t be worried about getting approval; just do it instead!
  3. Don’t dress respectably — ‘respectable’ is a boring and basic style. Bad boys’ style is on point, and they take calculated risks when dressing. They also accessorize like a boss. For example, glasses make men look sexier, and women find men in glasses more interesting and more intelligent. They also help to balance an asymmetrical face.
  4. Don’t try to be something you’re not — be who you are. Don’t put on an act to make people like you; people smell inauthenticity which is a turn-off. Be authentic and true to who you are, which is appealing and alluring.
  5. Never apologize for what you like — if you’re weird or freaky, it doesn’t matter. Don’t apologize for what you like; it’s nobody’s business. Own your personal preferences, and don’t worry about what others think. It’s about you, so be true to yourself.
  6. Don’t live your life for someone else — as you mature and become your own person, embrace what you want, live for yourself, and do what fulfills you. You have one shot in this life; live for yourself. Embrace your dreams and reality by stopping playing it safe.
  7. Don’t play it safe — you need to rock the boat, take risks, and try challenging things to achieve the greatness that’s in store for you. You have to be willing to be uncomfortable to reach the pinnacle of success. To live a fulfilling life, challenge yourself. If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.

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