Science Finds THIS Makes You Attractive to Women!

December 6, 2021
The other day I was doing some handsomeness recon when I stumbled upon an article discussing science-backed ways men appear more attractive to women. This intrigued me, so I dug deeper. I noticed some stupid studies, but I extracted some helpful and insightful nuggets out of each.

Want to be attractive? Here’s what research says you should do:

  • Rutgers study says women flirt in the same fashion globally — she smiles, lifts eyebrows in a swift jerky motion, opens eyes wide, drops her eyelids, tilts her head down and to the side, and then looks away. She frequently covers her face with her hands, giggling nervously as she retreats behind her palms.
  • The University of California Berkeley states to look for someone your own league — this one pissed me off. The online dating study showed that people will often reach out to others who are more attractive to them. Still, chances are, they’ll have a better experience if they stick to someone in their own league because they’re not worried about cheating or doing better. I disagree. I think that you can raise your level of attraction then go after hotter girls.
  • 2010 University of Wales study said to drive a Bentley — some genius did this study where they put men with low-cost cars in front of women versus men with luxury cars. The women picked the men with luxury cars more attractive. A similar study was done with men, and the men didn’t care as long as the woman was hot.
  • 2013 study shows men should grow a light beard — 6K women were shown men with different stages of facial hair growth. 10-day stubble was selected as the magical facial follicle formation that women find attractive.
  • Women find men with nice bodies more attractive — women were shown men with shirts off, which pointed out that women thought of muscular men as better short-term partners and men with dad-bods as long-term partners. 
  • Chinese researchers found that women find kind men more attractive — people, in general, are more attracted to nice, kind, friendly, and helpful people. So, it’s common sense for women to find kind men more attractive. However, the Chinese study found that this preference for kind men is regardless of their appearance. 
  • 2010 Cross-Cultural Study concluded men should wear red — men were placed in different colored clothing. The study found that women are more sexually attracted to men wearing red as red symbolizes strength, passion, and sexiness.
  • An Israeli study deduced that men should have a good personality — the study said that even if you are not so amazingly nice, women find you more attractive if you own a dog. Men who own dogs are viewed as more compassionate, caring, nurturing, and sexy.
  • Have good taste in music — the study took 1K women who rated attraction levels of different musicians. The composers of complex and interesting music were viewed as more attractive than basic and boring music.
  • 2015 study shows mindfulness is attractive — 91 people participated in a speed dating type of situation. Before the dating commenced, the participants filled out mindfulness questionnaires. Women ended up viewing the men that completed the mindfulness survey more ‘mindfully’ as more attractive.
  • 2014 University of Alaska research inferred men should have dangerous hobbies — the study had women rank potential partners based on activities or hobbies. Dudes that play it safe are not viewed as attractive as dudes who do more dangerous sh!t.
  • Wear scented deodorant — dudes that had scented deodorant were found to be more attractive according to women surveyed, even though the women couldn’t smell them. The study surmised that the men who wore the scented version were more confident and thus exuded this confidence, making them more attractive.
  • Eat garlic — the study demonstrated that when men chow down on garlic, they are viewed as sexier.
  • Participate in volunteer work — it’s about kindness like mentioned earlier.
  • Show scars — you must have been doing something a little dangerous (already discussed earlier) to earn that scar, so subconsciously, she’s thinking that you must be adventurous and not boring if you have scars. 
  • Display open body language in your profile picture — this makes sense because if you’re viewed as standoffish, you have closed body language, which sends the subliminal message that you’re not interested.
  • 2011 study concluded to proud but not cocky or arrogant — 900 people were shown the opposite sex with different expressions. Women found that dudes who looked proud were the most attractive. The least attractive were men who looked overly happy.

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