8 {Self-Help} Tips That Are FU*KING UP Your Life!

September 29, 2021
Some self-improvement tips will totally eff up your finances, body, relationships, confidence, and self-esteem. Don’t do some of the dumb-ass things that some of these books and people tell you to do.

Don’t follow these so-called self improvements

  1. Thinking that your relationship is deficient or broken if it’s not always roses — the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. Your relationship is yours, and it’s yours to spice up. Every relationship takes work and time.
  2. Treating yourself even if you can’t afford it — treat yourself to a budget, saving, investing, and living below your means. It’s not okay to spend now and not worry about the future.
  3. Not worrying about being overweight — loving yourself means you need to take care of yourself. Change your exercise and diet choices.
  4. Going on crazy fad diets — you need nutrients for your body, which these fad diets won’t give you the nutrients you need nor the quantity you need them.
  5. Having to be productive 100% of the time — you need to be able to chill out. Being productive is great, but slowing down and taking a break is necessary.
  6. Needing to be super fulfilled and passionate about how you make money — if you get some degree of satisfaction or if you get security, it’s okay.
  7. Making a five-year, ten-year, or 20-year plan — plans can change immediately. Life changes, variables change, and you change.
  8. Seeking motivation to get your ass into the game — motivation is like an emotion, and it’s fleeting. Motivation has to come from within, because chasing it is a recipe for disaster
  9. BONUS! Listening to your emotions — they lie to you, and they change. You can’t control emotions, but you can change the actions and attitudes related to those feelings. You don’t need fixing; you just may need more purpose and direction.

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