September 20, 2021
Certain actions that make men unattractive are glaringly obvious. But what I am going over today, you may be surprised. Most of you don’t even know you’re doing these, which unfortunately people, in turn, will view you as unattractive.

Surprising behaviors that make you unappealing!

  1. Looking too happy — looking proud is more attractive than being super happy, according to research. Social norms (stereotypes) are the reason.
  2. Not being humble (aka not bragging) — this feature is hard to come by. Nowadays, everyone tells everyone how they’re ‘killing it’ and how they’re ‘the man.’ Underplay your awesomeness instead.
  3. Exhibiting constrictive body language — take up body space to look proud (this is a power pose, which is attractive to others). Tight & crossed arms and sitting meek are not attractive. Make sure you have a solid handshake and look people in the eyes as well.
  4. Being sleep deprived — you will have eye bags, heavier eyelids, red eyes, and look sad. Use a high-quality eye cream to combat dark circles and/or bags.
  5. Not having a skincare routine — have a skincare routine that includes washing your face 2xs a day, moisturizing am and pm, and exfoliating 2xs a week. Add an eye cream or anti-aging super serum, depending. I recommend Tiege Hanley (the highest quality on the market), which takes all the guesswork out of skincare.
  6. Having bad table manners — men who are animals when eating, which is disgusting. You need to understand the etiquette when dining: How to Dine Like a Gentleman
  7. Being super into your diet and workout — it’s not great when you are preachy and overzealous. It’s obnoxious and annoying.
  8. Not having a sense of humor — people want to be around others who have a sense of humor. You don’t need to be zany, outrageous, or crazy, but you need to get jokes and react at least.
  9. Being a close talker — it’s uncomfortable. You can’t get too close — people will want to retreat because they want their personal space.
  10. Being a negative person — pessimistic people suck the life out of everything. You have to be uplifting and encouraging — make people feel good about themselves.

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