7 Signs of {Extra} HIGH Fertility in Men!

November 3, 2021
We are facing a male fertility epidemic of mass proportions, in which data and research demonstrate that male fertility and sperm count have dropped by 50%  over the last 40 years. If you want to know how fertile you are, the only real way you’re going to know is to go to a doctor. However, I have scientific signs that you actually have high fertility, which I will detail in this video.

Subtle indications your seed is super strong

  1. Having a waist that is less than 40 inches — research has shown that dudes with waist circumferences over 40 inches have a lower sperm count quality and are less fertile than dudes that have a moderately flat stomach.  However, if your body fat is too low, chances are your sperm production (not to mention your testosterone level) is actually lower than it should be. Men need an adequate percentage of body fat for everything to function properly, including your body’s production of sex hormones, not to mention sperm.
  2. Having an average-looking face —  research suggests that dudes with super structured masculine faces and square jaws have lower sperm count and lower fertility than dudes that look average. Spanish and Finnish studies have recently noticed the correlation between the wider a jaw and the lower/poorer the sperm count & quality. They’re not a hundred percent sure why this correlation exists, but what they’re thinking is your body only has so much energy to put towards sexual energy; all of the energy available is allocated to make a face look more sexually desirable.
  3. Saying ‘no’ to tighty whities —  wearing tight constricting underwear is one of the things that’s going to lower your fertility and sperm count. If you are wearing underwear that keeps the boys jammed up against your body right, the temperature can’t be regulated. Tight underwear does not cause ED; however, the ED rise in young men may be attributed to the environment or the consumption of pornography.
  4. Not having a super deep voice —  the University of Western Australia did this research that found guys with super deep voices and pronounced Adam’s apples have lower sperm counts and quality than dudes that don’t. When men have super deep voices, typically, their testosterone levels are high.  When these men were going through puberty, the testosterone lengthened and thickened the vocal cords, making the Adam’s apple more pronounced (aka deeper voice). This high testosterone can potentially suppress sperm production.
  5. Working out — researchers at Harvard discovered that if you work out vigorously for 15 hours a week, fertility and sperm count are 73% higher than dudes that don’t.
  6. Not watching TV —  research has shown that dudes who watch an average of 20 hours or more of TV have lower sperm count and concentration by 44%.
  7. Not microwaving in plastic —  chemicals used in plastics are very bad for your testosterone level and sperm count. A better option is investing in glass containers. Also, don’t drink out of plastics. Instead, drink out of metal canteens. If you drink out of plastic bottles, one of the worst things you can do is leave it in the car and allow it to get hot, which harmful chemicals are leached out into the water.
  8. BONUS! Not eating brown, salty, or processed meats — Harvard University’s research showed that what protein source you consume has different effects on semen.  If you’re eating a lot of beef and processed salty meat, chances are sperm production and fertility are damaged. Dudes that ate fish had a 65% higher concentration of sperm.

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