STOP Focusing on Girls and Do THIS Instead!

September 17, 2021
I want to talk about focus and priorities, because unfortunately, many men are focused on the wrong things. Sure, be interested in spicy senoritas, but if you are exclusively focused on them, you won’t unlock your full potential. Start prioritizing your fulfillment and watch your confidence go through the roof!

Prioritize these and watch your confidence go through the roof!

  1. Build a high value network of people, friends, colleagues, and associates — this network is vital to your personal success. Cultivate healthy relationships with people who are moving in a positive direction and are like-minded. Remove the toxic people from your life.
  2. Be a better person — work on your character and integrity. Drop the act, stop being self-destructive, and instead be real & authentic. Take ownership with the quality of person you are, regardless of the past. Prioritize you being an amazing person.
  3. Focus on what your purpose is — where do you want to go in life? What will fulfill you and make you happy? What is  your purpose, why are you here, and what do you want to accomplish with life — these answers guide you in the direction you need to go.
  4. Focus on your personal packaging (your brand) — don’t miss out on opportunities. Find your badass outfit. My badass outfit is jeans, boots, a simple tee, badass leather jacket, and sick shades. What makes you feel like a badass?
  5. Prioritize your health (your body) — you need to eat right, workout, and take care of your temple because the decisions you make now impact your health later in life. Move. Your. Ass. And you have to eat right and stop abusing your body with drinking and drugs.
  6. Make money — now is the time to focus on your financial plan so you can have FU money (when you won’t have to think about money anymore). My FU money was $5K. At that point, my energy was not on money anymore, but rather, my energy was more productive. Everything in my life started to change for the better.
  7. Find your voice — what do you stand for? Have an opinion, speak your truth, and speak your mind. Don’t bottle it up. But if you don’t know enough, don’t allow people to tell you what to believe. Also, don’t believe just one news source as fact. Think critically and constructively. Further, if things don’t add up, be a man and decide what is right for you.


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