10 STUPID Things Young Men Must STOP Doing!

May 9, 2022
Today’s video is a bit of tough love because I have some things to tell you that you may not want to hear. Unfortunately, some of you are being incredibly stupid with decisions you’re making. You have to stop, because until you do, you’re never going to ultimately kick ass in life. I know that you can!

Cease doing these foolish things ASAP

  1. Messing around with trashy ass spicy senoritas – It doesn’t matter how pretty they are, how big their boobs are, or how many followers they have on Instagram. If they are not good people, you should not be anywhere near them. Life is too short to invest your time, money, or energy into someone that is not worth your emotional commitment or bandwidth.
  2. Thinking that money will make you happy – The hustle culture is here, which is thinking that material possessions and money are what we should be chasing. Sure, you should try to be better and improve. But from experience, I have gone from broke + bankrupt to not super broke + not bankrupt. Money does not make you happier. It gives you the ability to solve problems easier, but happiness comes from within. Be true to yourself and do what you want with life. Be around people that love you.
  3. Taking advice from everybody – The people you should be going to for advice are the people that you respect and are on your side. The problem is that everybody wants to give their opinion, but you have to understand that only certain people should be allowed to impact or influence the way you feel about yourself and your life’s direction.
  4. Thinking that you need six pack abs, big pecs, and to look like dudes on Instagram – You shouldn’t be striving to use performance enhancing drugs or to commit to the severe degree they exercise and eat. Take care of yourself and make sure that you’re healthy, which includes nutrition and the micronutrients that your body needs.
  5. Not taking a multivitamin everyday – Nobody’s diet is good enough, healthy enough, or balanced enough. Filling in nutritional gaps is critical. Head to https://ritual.com/ALPHA20 to get Ritual’s Essential for Men multivitamins 18+and 50+. Use code ‘ALPHA20’ and get 20% off your first month of Ritual.
  6. Avoiding going to the doctor or dentist – I know it’s scary, but you need to catch issues early. Go for regular physicals, which include blood work, and visit the dentist every 6 months. A proactive approach to your health and well-being is essential.
  7. Drinking and driving – If you have consumed any alcohol, you shouldn’t be driving or else you have the possibility of killing yourself or somebody else. The best-case scenario is getting a DUI. Plan prior to going out so that you don’t drive.
  8. Thinking that you have to be a certain age to achieve something – aAge is irrelevant. The internet has changed the game, so you have the ability to do amazingly huge things if you want to. You have to go after it, however. Do not let your age be an excuse as to why you can’t achieve greatness. No better time is now to start.
  9. Running your mouth – Some of you are really good at always talking, like talking about someday that you’re going to kill it. Instead of talking, start doing. Less talk, more action! Don’t worry about what other people are saying, and don’t worry about what other people are doing. This life and journey are yours!
  10. Comparing yourself to others – Social media makes not comparing yourself to others difficult. Social media can make us feel bad about ourselves, and a lot of times it can make us feel hopeless. Spend less time on social media! Get off the internet and go out and do things. Make sure you are happy and healthy as there are a lot of pressures on you.

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