THIS Is the {REAL} Reason Girls DON’T Respect You!

December 17, 2021
Respect is for those who deserve it — not for those who demand it. But, before I get started, if you have thin skin or get offended easily, you will not like this video. I am giving some tough love and constructive feedback today. I am going over mistakes that you are possibly making, and if you identify them and modify your behavior and mindset, you can get that respect.

Earn that respect by NOT acting this way

  • Being whiny
  • Being mentally and emotionally weak
  • Not being a man of your word
  • Being a people-pleaser (kissing ass)
  • Having nasty grooming and hygiene
  • Looking like a slob
  • Acting immature
  • Being viewed as lazy
  • Being overly emotional
  • Being a jealous person
  • Being a perv

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