Doing THIS Makes Your “Package” SMALLER! {Science-Based}

June 3, 2022
A man’s package is precious to him, so he wants to make sure that he does everything he can to enhance its ability to be amazing. Unfortunately, some common things absolutely destroy and damage Big Al and the boys ability to be Big Al and the boys.

What’s causing Big Al to get smaller?

Gaining body fat – the heavier a man is, the smaller Big Al appears. When you lose weight, all of Big Al’s natural girth and length are exposed.

Taking TRT or any type of anabolic substance – these will cause your balls to become teeny weeny. If your testosterone levels are low, then do it because it will make you feel better. But if you’re doing it just so you can have bigger biceps, your balls will shrink. When your body is given excess testosterone, your balls won’t work as hard, and then they’ll shrink and shrivel. A lot of times when men go off of TRT, their balls will not come back to life.

Not drinking enough water – being dehydrated can cause smaller packages due to less blood flowing through the body. That lower amount of blood reduces the amount of blood that goes to your main vein.

Smoking cigarettes or weed – nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, which means the veins are smaller and not as much blood is entering the chamber. And if you’re a stoner, research has shown that marijuana reduces the amount of healthy, swimming sperm. Additionally, smoking weed gives you the munchies, which does not lead to eating healthy foods like steamed broccoli. Consuming crappy food and not moving causes weight gain, which we already talked about earlier.

Wearing the wrong underwear – typical underwear are not supportive and get stretched out or they’re too constricting. Sheath underwear offers support and separation in a comfortable design that is recommended by doctors and urologists. It’s the only underwear that I wear. The boys go in a pouch, and then Big Al goes through a hole. The dual chamber design offers support but separation to keep you drier and more comfortable. You will be less stinky and more hygienic. Click + enjoy a 20% off your entire SHEATH order!

Not being used enough – I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage that if you don’t use it you’ll lose it. Well, if you’re not using it, you don’t have the ability to fill it with blood, which Big Al needs to routinely filled and stretched with blood.

Consuming beer – the phytoestrogens increase estrogen levels. Plus, if you consume too much beer or alcohol, the connection between the mind and body gets stifled and stunted as well.  It’s very hard to get action with a Semi Al.

Having high blood pressure – this is a check engine light, especially if you’re experiencing issues with getting or staying erect. However, if you’re experiencing any form of ED, go to the doctor to make sure that your heart is okay and your blood pressure is solid. You need to make sure you’re healthy so Big Al is also healthy.

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