TOP 10 Questions to Start a Conversation With a Woman! {EASY OPENERS}

June 11, 2021
“Do you like turtles? I like turtles.” The ability to start conversations is a super power. And if you can do it with a spicy senorita, even better! Practice on people who you are not trying to impress; simply engage people to practice, because the more you practice, the easier it’s going to be. It will end up free flowing.

Easy ways to start conversations

  1. Ask for a restaurant recommendation — this question is low pressure and an easy way to get the conversation started. You’ll get a question back, and it’s an amazing way to learn about the person.
  2. Ask if they’ve been here/there before and what they recommend — the person can give their opinion, and you can follow-up with other questions.
  3. Ask about the location (are you from around here, did you grow up around here, do you live here) — then you can ask follow-up questions which lets them go deep about the area.
  4. At an event or party, ask how they know the host or another attendee — easy and low pressure.
  5. Ask if they are glad that it’s Friday — direct and follow-up questions flow easily.
  6. Ask about their music — music is an easy way to connect to someone.
  7. Ask what’s on the agenda today/weekend — the word ‘agenda’ quirky, playful, and fun.
  8. Ask what their story is — you will see them smile as it’s playful. And the cool thing is they’ll take it to whereever they want to go.
  9. Give someone a compliment (what they are wearing or doing but nothing about them physically) — instantly this person will like you more and also make them feel better about themselves.
  10. Ask if you know each other, met before, or know you from — it’s the perfect time to introduce yourself and ask them their name.

Deeper questions

  • Ask what is their best quality or trait — you can then follow-up what is their worst quality or trait. They’ll get talking about themselves.
  • Ask who they respect the most — this person could be someone they know personally or even someone famous.
  • Ask if they had unlimited money, what would they do with it.
  • Ask what is the best gift they have ever received — the answer will give a sneak peek into their past, and it’s about connecting with a positive emotion.
  • Ask what is their most amazing accomplishment or most proud of achieving — you can find out what they value and what they’ve accomplished.


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