7 TRICKS to Have a Better Looking Body! {WITHOUT Working Out}

September 6, 2021
With all the alpha m. videos you’ve been watching, I’m assuming spicy senoritas are trying to rip your clothes off. When they do, you have to make sure you don’t look like a hot mess. Now, if you want to change your body and look the best you can without your clothes, going to the gym, lifting weights, doing cardio, and eating a healthy diet will truly change the way you look physically. But these steps take time and consistency. On the flip-side, the tips I’m going over today will help you look better naked in a week without even stepping foot into a gym.

Look sexier wearing NO CLOTHES in 7-days or less!

  1. Drink one gallon of lemon water per day — you won’t retain as much subcutaneous water because it will act like a natural diuretic.
  2. Reduce the amount of high glycemic carbs you consume — reduce or eliminate starchy carbs like breads and pastas. Also cut out sugar and focus on sweet potatoes, barley, and vegetables. Weight will drop quickly.
  3. Manscape — a monster man bush makes Big Al look little. So, simply taking down the bulk and shaving your testicles will make it look bigger. Take your grooming tool (not a razor) to your hairy keister too.  You can use an exfoliating brush to prevent hairs from getting trapped and in-grown. If you have back and shoulder hair, eliminate that hair as well. I also shave my chest and arms because I think the less body hair you have, the more lean and muscular you look. Make sure to exfoliate every day by adding your favorite body wash to the exfoliating spin brush.
  4. Have better looking feet — if your feet are crusty and nasty, they are scratchy and unsightly. Attach a pumice stone on the spin brush and use it at the end of your shower (the calluses will be softer and easier to remove).
  5. Moisturize your skin — if your skin is dry, dull, and ashy, it doesn’t look good. Plus, moisturized skin reflects better, making your body look more chiseled and defined.
  6. Use lamps rather than overhead lighting — lamps provide soft ambiance as well as makes your body look better instead of bright harsh lighting.
  7. Get a tan — when you add a bit of color to your skin, your body looks more muscular and leaner. You can opt for a sunless tanner (when applying make sure to use gloves to avoid staining).

Spin for Perfect Skin

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