THIS Is Why “Bad Boys” Always WIN… & You NEVER Will!

January 21, 2022
Have you ever asked yourself why bad boys always get what they want? You are nice, kind, and respectable. You do what’s expected and don’t rock the boat. You are dependable and follow the rules. So, why aren’t you getting the same girls, making the same money, and kicking ass like the bad boys? If you want to punch your inner nice guy in the face, unleash the beast — your inner bad boy!

Why do bad boys always win? They …

  1. Don’t give a sh!t about you or what you think of them — they don’t let negativity get to them, and they do what they want regardless of what others think.
  2. Take action and don’t spend time talking — they make sh!t happen. They might fail, but they are one step closer to figuring it out.
  3. Are not shy or embarrassed to dress with intention and purpose — nice guys worry about what others think. Bad boys make sure their personal package is tight.
  4. Take control of situations — including other people and themselves. They take control of their bodies too. And they don’t overshare; they leave things to the imagination.
  5. Don’t ask for permission (ask for forgiveness instead) — they go for it. And if they get in trouble, they apologize and own their mistakes. They take ownership of and responsibility for their actions.
  6. Don’t rely on others to feel good about themselves — they are secure with themselves. They are confident and believe in themselves.
  7. Live life on their terms — don’t worry about external forces. There’s nothing more powerful and intoxicating than living the life that you want.

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