10 Things Guys THINK Turn Girls “ON”… WRONG!

December 10, 2021
We are going over a few things that men think turn on women, but actually they don’t. These things actually turn her off!

She’s actually turned off by you …

  1. Having an amazing body  (aka acting like an egomaniac) — if you’re fixated on your body, it’s a turn off. Dad bods are all the rage. She wants to be the sexy one and not compete with you.
  2. Trying to be sexy —  if you’re trying too hard, you look like a creepy loser.
  3. Letting her know how much action you’ve had — it’s not desirable to her.
  4. Being too well-groomed –– overly groomed is not sexy. Keep in mind, you should always shave your back and balls.
  5. Having a big, bushy beard — she thinks ‘stinky’ when she sees these. She doesn’t want hair and fuzz in her mouth. This goes for monster man bushes too.
  6. Driving like an a$$hole — she wants you to stop and not speed all over the place. She also is not impressed with your car sounds.
  7. Getting into fights — change perspective so you can man-up and shut-up.
  8. Being overly aggressive in the bedroom — she probably doesn’t want you to be super forceful. You need to find out before.
  9. Showcasing yourself — you look like a huge d-bag. People can tell you’re awesome without being cocky and an egomaniac.
  10. Sending pix of your pickle — this makes you look really weird. Plus, consider who else may end up seeing it in the future.

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